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Mary Ann Sofocleous

Mary Ann Chrysanthou

Known for being both highly organised and highly adaptable, Mary Ann Chrysanthou is ideally suited to her role as property manager at Harcourts Unlimited Real Estate. As Mary Ann points out, “when you go into the office you never know what kind of issue will emerge, and my job as a property manager is to make sure both tenants and clients feel that their interests are being served.” With over 4 years experience in real estate,. Mary Ann’s experience means that she’s dealt with a wide range of clients and managed a wide range of properties in the residential division. Hard-working and conscientious, Mary Ann prides herself on the level of care and attention she brings to her job. When managing a residential property, Mary Ann undertakes stringent tenant selection. Responsible and efficient, Mary Ann ensures that her portfolio runs as smoothly as possible. Mary Ann’s experience in real estate means she “understands that property is a major investment. Clients need to feel their property is in safe hands and that it will be managed thoroughly. This is a role I pride myself on fulfilling.” Mary Ann’s commitment to customer service makes Harcourts a natural home for her. As she points out, “the Harcourts approach to property management focuses on delivering diligent, courteous, professional service, and this is something I’ve always delivered.”